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The State of Bronx Parks

By Lucas Manfield for BronxInk, October 18th, 2018

Since 1994, New York City has sent inspectors out to its public parks to rate the "overall condition" of each park. Over the last year, the percentage of parks in the Bronx deemed "acceptable" has fluctuated between 84 and 94 percent, according to the city’s Parks Department website.

This number, however, conceals wide disparities in the condition of individual parks.

City inspectors have only two options when grading a park's overall condition: passing or failing. Furthermore, this grade only reflects a snapshot in time. To offer a more nuanced comparison between parks, The BronxInk compiled inspection data from the beginning of 2016 to August 2018 and calculated the percentage of times each park passed.

One park stood out: University Woods, nestled on a hillside along the borough's western border and in dark red on the map, failed to receive a single acceptable rating during this period. Read the story here »

How does your neighborhood park compare?

Passed of inspections
This park passed of inspections since the beginning of 2016 Last year, the city spent and hours each week maintaining it.