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Killing of patient, allegations of dangerous care haunt South L.A. psychiatric hospital, investigation finds

LOS ANGELES — Oct. 9, 2019

Jacob Masters had been drifting around Southern California for months when he began suffering a mental breakdown.

On Oct. 27, 2017, Redondo Beach police took him to the Kedren Community Health Center in South Los Angeles, where he was placed on an involuntary hold.

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Here’s What Really Happens When Dallas ‘Resolves’ Homeless Encampments

DALLAS — Dec 16, 2019

On Tuesday morning, three police cruisers shepherded two trucks through the empty streets of South Dallas. Every few blocks, the caravan stopped in front of a homeless encampment and a small army of men in white coveralls jumped out to clear it away.

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Natural Gas Is Getting Cheaper. Thousands Are Paying More To Heat Their Homes Anyway.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Apr. 17, 2021

In September 2020, West Virginia’s chief utility regulator told the state’s natural gas customers that she had good news: Their bills were about to drop significantly thanks to the state’s drilling boom and the declining price of wholesale gas.

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Roane County offers a stark picture of how West Virginia’s ‘distance learners’ may not be learning much at all

SPENCER, W.Va. — Jan. 22, 2021

On a frigid January afternoon in Spencer, the Lesher brothers were chatting on a stoop of their apartment complex, enjoying the sun. They’re worried about their grades.

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Trails, textbooks and towers: Here are the ‘broadband’ expenses W.Va. Gov. Justice charged to the CARES Act

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Dec. 18, 2020

For Gov. Jim Justice, the announcement was the easy part. In September, he promised to spend $50 million of the state’s federal coronavirus response fund to bring internet to underserved areas of West Virginia.

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Uncovering the Dirty Secrets of Bronx Parks

NEW YORK CITY — Oct. 18, 2018

Since 1994, New York City has sent inspectors out to its public parks to rate the "overall condition" of each park. Over the last year, the percentage of parks in the Bronx deemed "acceptable" has fluctuated between 84 and 94 percent, according to the city’s Parks Department website.

This number, however, conceals wide disparities in the condition of individual parks.

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